The REST API allows access to all objects in the ZincBind database as JSON objects. You may also use the API to browse lists of PDB, zinc site, chain cluster and zinc site cluster objects. These results will be paginated, as the JSON objects can be quite large.

The ZincBind REST API is web browsable - HTML responses will be returned if requests are made from a browser, otherwise the raw JSON itself will be sent back.


/api/pdbs/all PDB objects.
/api/sites/all ZincSite objects.
/api/chain-clusters/all Chain Cluster objects.
/api/groups/all ZincSite Group objects.
/api/pdbs/6FHQ/specific PDB object.
/api/metals/55448/specific Metal object.
/api/sites/6FHQ-1/specific ZincSite object.
/api/residues/31386/specific Residue object.
/api/atoms/1095240/specific Atom object.
/api/chains/9NSEB/specific Chain object.
/api/chain-clusters/1/specific Chain Cluster object.
/api/groups/g1A0B-1/specific Group object.
/api/search?q=antibodysearch PDBs for the term 'antibody'.
/api/search?technique=NMR&organism=saccharomycessearch NMR structures published from yeast.