Zinc Binding Site: 6NLA-2


6NLA (Crystal structure of de novo designed metal-controlled dimer of B1 immunoglobulin-binding domain of Streptococcal Protein G (L12H, E15V, T16L, T18I, V29H, Y33H, N37L)-zinc)

Metals (4 Coordination)

A:102 (ZN)

Liganding Residues (H3)

A.12 (HIS)
A.29 (HIS)
A.33 (HIS)
A.103 (CL)
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Chain A Spacers: 16, 3


PDB Information

Code: 6NLA
Classification: DE NOVO PROTEIN
Resolution: 1.34 Å
R-factor: 0.10425
Keywords: Metal-mediated dimer, B1 Domain of Streptococcal protein G, Immunoglobulin binding protein, DE NOVO PROTEIN
Deposition Date: 8 January, 2019
Experimental Technique: X-RAY DIFFRACTION
Source Organism:
Expression System:
Biological Assembly: 1