Zinc Binding Site: 6IU9-2


6IU9 (Crystal structure of cytoplasmic metal binding domain with iron ions)

Metals (4, 7 Coordination)

I:201 (ZN)
I:202 (ZN)

Liganding Residues (E4M1)

I.102 (GLU)
I.113 (GLU)
I.116 (GLU)
I.149 (MET)
I.153 (GLU)
I.301 (HOH)

There are no equivalent sites - this zinc site is unique in the database.

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Chain I Spacers: 10, 2, 32, 3


PDB Information

Code: 6IU9
Classification: METAL TRANSPORT
Resolution: 3.0 Å
R-factor: 0.1916
Keywords: membrane protein, METAL TRANSPORT
Deposition Date: 27 November, 2018
Experimental Technique: X-RAY DIFFRACTION
Source Organism:
Expression System:
Biological Assembly: 4